PECB Offers Free Pandemic Preparedness and Response Course

The continuing spread of COVID-19 has impelled businesses across the globe to think strategically about their response in facing the outbreak.
At PECB, global developments are being monitored and a range of precautionary measures have been activated. As the mission is hinged on inspiring trust and benefit the society as a whole, PECB has decided to offer for FREE the Pandemic Preparedness and Response Introduction Training Course material for everyone.
To get free access to the Pandemic Preparedness and Response Introduction Training Course material, please click here and check the steps on the “How to get access to a free online course on PECB Store?” section.
This training material will be available and accessible for everyone, for an indeterminate period of time.
Feel free to share this training course with your colleagues, friends, clients, employees, or anyone that wants to know more about an organizational Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan.
Do stay safe as we #BeatCOVID-19 together…
Sustainably yours,

Author: MFON

Mfon Essien is an experienced environmental sustainability professional with cross-cultural & international experience (Middle East & Africa) in developing, coordinating and implementing environmental management systems and environmental sustainability initiatives that go beyond compliance. He has gained mastery in the areas of developing environmental sustainability strategies, implementing policies and procedures, and achieving best results for all stakeholders within mandatory legislative and voluntary best practice requirements. He oversees operations at

4 thoughts on “PECB Offers Free Pandemic Preparedness and Response Course”

    1. Thanks for reaching out Mairanga.

      The course is self-paced and online.

      Once you register and get the course via the PECB store, download the KATE app and access the learning materials.

      You will need to have an account with PECB.


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