#SustyJob: Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Chua Nigeria Limited is seeking experienced Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Specialist. The candidate will work in a fast-paced and challenging environment and will be capable of developing and executing marine environmental compliance, auditing and regulatory advisory programmes.

To be operating from Lagos in Nigeria, this is a full time role in the field of safety and environment.


Essential duties may include:

  • Identify, secure and maintain new client’s business opportunities for the company.
  • Advising clients on strategic marine environmental compliance and providing expert regulatory guidance on state and federal marine environmental regulations
  • Provide marine environmental compliance support
  • Lead regulatory group on projects from inception to client deliverables
  • Assist clients in navigating the regulatory permitting process with states and federal agencies on projects ranging from marine operations, ports and jetties pipelines, oil and gas facilities, and manage permitting projects.
  • Support Environmental Permitting and Impact Assessment Process
  • Liaise with environmental authorities for all environment and permitting related matters
  • Liaise with local environmental consultant and ensure timely issuance of all deliverable as per permitting schedule
  • Responsible for Regulatory Permit Preparation and Regulatory Submissions
  • Assist in the preparation of communications, letters and meetings with govt. agencies.
  • Provide technical environmental guidance and assistance to project team
  • Keep and maintain updated internal and external environmental regulations database and monitor compliance
  • Ensure implementation of Environmental Management Plan in the Shore Base and Offshore
  • Provide environmental support to Onshore and Offshore Operations
  • Conduct audits or inspections in different project locations and monitor implementation of corrective actions
  • Ensure full implementation of  Waste Management Plans
  • Audit Waste Management facilities as required.
  • Provide support during stakeholder consultation workshops/Meetings


5-7 years Business Development/Engineering experience, preference will be given to experience directly related to the Marine, Oil and Gas Industry in particular or experience in  areas related to marine and energy development, such as Marine Environment Management documentation, Permitting,

  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Experience in website, email marketing, and Analytics
  • Experience with office applications, specifically spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Knowledge of database marketing, targeting, and segmentation

Remuneration: Commission Based Salary

Deadline: Apr 10, 2020


Author: MFON

Mfon Essien is an experienced environmental sustainability professional with cross-cultural & international experience (Middle East & Africa) in developing, coordinating and implementing environmental management systems and environmental sustainability initiatives that go beyond compliance. He has gained mastery in the areas of developing environmental sustainability strategies, implementing policies and procedures, and achieving best results for all stakeholders within mandatory legislative and voluntary best practice requirements. He oversees operations at sustainabilitysolutions.net

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