Call for applications: Support to curb the Solar E-Waste Menace

Off-Grid solar technologies provide energy access as well as clean energy for communities and other consumers in sub-saharan Africa.

So far, the off-grid sector has provided new and enhanced access to energy for an estimated 50 million households translating to roughly 300 million people.

Although E-waste generated by the sector is low, investment in the industry’s growth over the long term may lead to a proliferation of e-waste in the long term.

To this end, there is need to enhance the sector’s reputation as a leader in environmental responsibility by curbing this expected menace.

With a focus on the off-grid sector in sub-Saharan Africa, funding via a $ 1 million grant is available to businesses with innovative approaches to e-waste management.

This program and funding is geared at supporting innovations in off-grid solar e-waste management and is made possible by the Global LEAP Awards.

The Global LEAP Awards is implemented through an international appliance energy efficiency and market development organisation.

Applicants could be a recycling or e-waste management companies who work (or plan to work with) the off-grid solar sector or solar off-grid solar distributors who want to pilot or expand end-of-life operations.

Individual awards will range from $50,000-$200,000 to e-Waste companies, solar power installers, and service providers.

Successful applicants will receive funding to support implementation of their proposed projects over a 12-month period.

Application deadline: 15 May 2019